Now a 5 star hotel, the Royal Scottish Automobile Club was originally housed in these magnificent premises on Blythswood Square in Glasgow.

RSAC Motorsport Ltd. has a long history, starting life as the Royal Scottish Automobile Club.

The early history of the club is covered in the excellently titled, “Gang Warily: The Jubilee History of the Scottish Royal Automobile Club, 1899-1949″. The book is out of publication but second hand copies in good condition can still be found online to purchase.

We are working to provide additional history here to fill in the gap between 1949 and the present.

In the meantime you’ll find here some archive images and articles for the club.

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“The Old Girl”

“The Old Girl” 1905 Rolls Royce

In 1974, the then Royal Scottish Automobile Club was gifted a 1905 Rolls-Royce. The vehicle, known affectionately to club members as “The Old Girl” is the worlds second oldest Rolls-Royce.

You can read more about this beautiful vehicle here.